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The primary purpose of the Global Division (The Division) is to represent the global interests of NASPA members. The NASPA Global Division represents student affairs educators, practitioners, and professionals around the world. The Division advances international student affairs issues, advocating for intercultural competency and global awareness throughout the association and in the field of student affairs around the world. The Division advocates for global education, and preparing and implementing programs that support student development and professional development worldwide. Collectively, the Division recommends globally oriented strategies to carry out charges from the NASPA Board of Directors.

Message from the Director

Welcome to the Global Division. We are excited to create a virtual space where colleagues from around the world can explore and engage in global education and initiatives. Our hope is that the Division can connect and engage professionals in rich-filled dialogue about relevant higher education and student affairs and services resources globally. The Global Division is excited to provide resources with multiple insights and perspectives that support our current roles on our campuses and ultimately help provide a broader and deeper understanding of global issues.


The Global Division has the opportunity to encourage us to build together and strengthen the foundations for a new NASPA division, a division that encourages global leaders to develop global voices and share experiences and needs through a common and diverse vision for the future of our organization and profession.

About the Global Division

As a designated NASPA Division, the Global Division guides NASPA’s engagement and support for student affairs professionals around the world through collaboration, research, innovation, and professional development.


The Division fosters collaboration and increases communication across the Association, with similarly aligned organizations, external constituents, and global partners.  More specifically, the Division keeps diverse global higher education issues, and professional development in the foreground of the Association, using the NASPA Strategic Plan as a guideline. This includes but is not limited to:


●  Advising the NASPA Board of Directors on setting (charting) strategic direction. The Division will advise the NASPA Board of Directors on charting the strategic direction for international initiatives in NASPA. The Division will coordinate efforts among all global programs and services of the Association, and foster collaboration and increase communication across the organization, with sister associations, external constituents, and global partners. 


●  Cultivating and implementing opportunities for engagement, student support, membership, and professional development of Student Affairs and Student Services professionals around the world. The Division will create and implement programs and processes that engage and support NASPA members globally. The Division will lead research and innovation in global initiatives, creating and deploying resources for NASPA members, areas, and regions.  


●  Developing community and fostering a collaborative spirit among NASPA’s diverse regions. The Division will routinely engage in discourse on global issues, serve as a resource for global student affairs issues, and work collaboratively to best support and give voice to NASPA colleagues  worldwide. 

●  Creating partnerships and strategic alliances. The Division will be proactive in creating partnerships with other associations and organizations worldwide to build strategic alliances and increase efforts to collaborate on global issues in higher education.  

Professional Development Opportunities

3rd Annual European Conference for Student Affairs and Services
2022 International Symposium

NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, LUMSA University, and EucA – European university college Association, invite you to the third European Conference for Student Affairs and Services, held at LUMSA on 4-6 November 2021. The conference provides a platform for student services professionals, academics, researchers, and policy makers to discuss innovative programs, practices, models and trends in student affairs. The theme of this year will be Students Recovery and Success. 

                                                                                  European Conference Website


2022 NASPA International Symposium As the field of student affairs continues to develop globally, focused opportunities for an intentional, international exchange of ideas are becoming more critical. The NASPA International Symposium facilitates the advancement of a global discussion and worldwide understanding of student affairs as a field, and, in many countries, a profession. Join us March 19 - March 20 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. 

                                                                      NASPA International Symposium Website


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