Policy and Advocacy - Overview

Alongside institutional policy, local, state, and federal legislation affects the practice of higher education professionals every day in their work to educate students. Our Policy and Advocacy focus area serves the need for timely information and analyses related to emerging policy, and offers resources to help you understand evolving higher ed law curated by our research and policy team.

Empowered by the work of NASPA’s Public Policy Division, and featuring numerous high-impact professional development opportunities, this focus area aims to educate higher ed pros about the legislative, compliance, and policy issues relevant in today’s higher ed landscape.

What We Stand For

At NASPA, we are committed to supporting student affairs practitioners and administrators to be instrumental agents of change, shaping policies that ensure a transformative and equitable educational landscape for all students. Through our collaborative efforts, we strive to influence higher education policies, advocating for practices that enhance student well-being, learning, and development. Join us in our mission to elevate the student experience, advocate for justice and equity, and lead with integrity in the ever-evolving landscape of higher education.


NASPA Led Statements

2021-2024 Public Policy Agenda

US Capitol

Building on NASPA’s role as a leading advocate for public policy in support of students and the student affairs profession, and reflecting the Association’s continuing effort to develop members’ professional competencies to engage effectively in public policy conversations, NASPA’s Public Policy Division presents the following agenda to guide member and staff public policy advocacy, professional development, and engagement for 2021 through 2024. Framed according to the 2019-2024 NASPA Strategic Plan, the NASPA Public Policy Agenda is designed to provide flexibility in responding to enduring and emerging policy issues.

The agenda is noticeably U.S. policy centric with a focus on federal, state, and local issues impacting American higher education, while recognizing that NASPA’s international members are confronted with important and unique policy considerations of their own. NASPA strives to acknowledge the rich diversity of its membership, and understands that each policy priority may not perfectly align with all members or member institutions at all times. Acknowledging these limitations, the agenda is grounded in a commitment to ensuring opportunity for all and a belief that higher education is a great benefit to both individuals and society. NASPA members and staff will direct efforts toward the following key public policy areas:


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