Anti-CRT Report Cover

Student Affairs Perspectives on Anti-Critical Race Theory State Policies and National Narratives

Policy and Advocacy Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Division Public Policy Division AVP or "Number Two" Faculty Graduate Mid-Level New Professional Senior Level VP for Student Affairs
May 23, 2023 Diana Ali Ke’Ana Bradley Jill Dunlap Alexa Wesley Chamberlain

Tenets of critical race theory (CRT) have been misconstrued in legislation introduced in many states over the last few legislative cycles to imply that teachings related to CRT, racism, bias, and oppression are inherently divisive and cause harm to students. National narratives underpinning this legislative trend have created a chilling effect on curricular, cocurricular, and employee training on social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in both K–12 and higher education institutions. To understand and illustrate the initial impacts of these policies, NASPA–Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education hosted nine focus groups with a total of 25 student affairs staff and faculty and conducted a thorough analysis of CRT-related state-level legislation. This report reflects findings from NASPA’s research that spanned from the summer of 2022 to the fall of 2022.