NASPA is the professional home for the field of student affairs. Together, we are dedicated to centering students in evolution of higher education. Our guiding principles of Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion, and Inquiry shape our work of fulfilling the promise of higher ed for every student. By serving the field through exceptional professional development opportunities, research to take on our biggest challenges, advocacy for inclusive and equitable practices and communities, and nurturing networks and pipelines to mentor, rejuvenate, and support the career journeys of SA pros—what NASPA is about is our members.

Serving Student Affairs in Shaping the Future

NASPA strives to serve the diverse needs of our entire community, from vice president of student affairs to undergraduate student leader first considering a career in the field— we are invested in empowering all our members to realize their full potential. NASPA is dedicated to cultivating student success in collaboration with the missions of our institutional members, a network of colleges and universities representing every sector of higher education. NASPA is its members—join us, thrive with us, and work alongside us to shape the future of higher education for the better.

No matter where you are in your career journey—we’ve got your back

NASPA isn’t just about our exceptional conferences and your exclusive source for the latest student affairs news, it’s also about people. Engaging with NASPA connects you into the largest association in student affairs. NASPA members are mentors by trade and our community is both welcoming and committed to developing student affairs professionals through every phase of their careers. With so many opportunities to get involved, there is a way to start building career-long relationships that fulfills every interest and availability level. Whether you are looking to give back to the profession or find support for the next step of your career, SA pros find their people and serve each other at NASPA.

Guiding Principles


Committed to high moral principles exhibiting authentic, honest, just, and ethical behavior.


Continuously seeking improvement through new and creative approaches.


Seeking ways to ensure access, voice, acknowledgement, opportunity, and participation at all levels.


Supporting research and scholarship to add to the knowledge base of the profession and ensure that data informs practice.

About NASPA Students

Our Mission

As the leading voice of student affairs, NASPA drives innovation and evidence-based, student-centered practice throughout higher education, nationally and globally.

Our Vision

Fulfilling the promise of higher education.

Strategic Plan

Our Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality

NASPA affirms the importance and centrality of the values of equity, inclusion, and social justice to student affairs professionals, both in their daily lives and in their work on behalf of and with students and other constituents. NASPA believes that equity, inclusion, and social justice require continual pursuits to ensure that members from all identities, backgrounds, abilities, and belief systems have access, voice, acknowledgement, and opportunities to participate at all levels within the Association and the profession. Additionally, NASPA strives to ensure that our membership, leadership, scholarship, and programming are reflective of these values, and through our standards of professional practice we hold our members and the Association accountable to these principles in our work on behalf of the profession.

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