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Internationalization Cover

Internationalization of Student Affairs and Services: An Emerging Global Perspective

Supporting the Profession International Education Senior Level
August 20, 2013 Kenneth J. Osfield

The traditional boundaries of the work of student affairs in higher education are changing rapidly with new global trends and developments of the 21st century. The growing involvement of student affairs professionals in international travel, professional collaboration and exchange, and worldwide communication represents one of the most important developments in the profession in the past three decades.

Internationalization of Student Affairs and Services: An Emerging Global Perspective explores the development of student services around the world and how those services are actually delivered. Join an intercontinental group of 36 authors on a journey through the Asian Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond as they share how student affairs functions in their respective countries. The authors explore the role international education plays in building communities, developing institutional partnerships, expanding perspectives, and strengthening communications on campus. Student affairs educators will find this book an essential resource for developing and refining programs that prepare students for personal and professional futures as citizens of a more global society.

Paperback | 2008 | 260 pages

ISBN 13: 978-0-931654-44-2

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