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College Student Mental Health Cover

College Student Mental Health

Health, Safety, and Well-being Health, Safety, and Well-being Initiatives Wellness and Health Promotion
August 20, 2013 Dr. Sherry Benton Stephen L. Benton

College student mental health concerns are becoming more common, more challenging, and a much larger focus on college and university campuses. Faculty and staff spend countless hours each year addressing the needs of students with mental health issues that range from anxiety and depression to autism and Asperger’s Disorder.

Although most student affairs personnel recognize the increased prevalence of these problems on campuses, finding resources to address the issues often proves difficult. What is the responsibility of college and university administrators when it comes to students with mental health concerns? How do mental health services fit within the academic mission of the institution?

College Student Mental Health: Effective Services and Strategies Across Campus answers these questions, and advocates for a campus-wide support network, along with good mental health services, to improve students’ academic performance and, ultimately, retention and graduation.

The contributors, who draw from their experiences in counseling, psychology, health education, and law,

  • Examine the scope of mental health problems on campuses
  • Give an overview of the legal issues associated with students with mental health concerns
  • Discuss theory and strategy for providing comprehensive and integrated services for students with mental health needs
  • Offer specific theory, strategies, and ideas for relevant student affairs offices
  • Parse the unique mental health needs of special populations on campus including student athletes, students of color, international students, and GLBT students.

College Student Mental Health is a must-read for both administrators and faculty who seek to improve the overall success of students with mental health needs.

Paperback | 2006 | 249 pages

ISBN-10: 0-931654-45-9

ISBN-13: 978-0-931654-45-9

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