Anti-DEI Legislation: Resources for Student Affairs Professionals

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May 1, 2023

Recent state-level legislation questioning the very foundation of higher education to prepare diverse graduates to lead inclusively for a complex and globally-connected world has us at NASPA feeling, at times, disheartened and also recommitted to our collective purpose to fulfill the purpose of higher education. 

Our message to our members and all student affairs educators: You and your work matter deeply. You create environments where all students have the opportunity to learn and develop, and for many of us in the field, we do this work because of who we are and the educational experiences we have had. Our work is both personal and political. 

NASPA shared a statement about Anti-DEI Legislation Response and Resources with our community on May 3, 2023.


Gather & Share

NASPA has created this web page to share resources and strategies, track legislation, solicit input, and provide opportunities to gather and learn. This page will be updated regularly, and we welcome feedback about what our members would find helpful to share. Fill out the feedback form below to share your thoughts.

Upcoming Programs


Below is a list of resources that can help you understand what legislation is processed and many other resources that can help you as a higher-ed professional.


Activation around these issues may take varying forms - education, support, advocacy - as student affairs educators weigh their personal and professional safety and contexts. 

Advocacy Resources
Deliberative Dialogue
Support Resources

In highly-politicized campus environments, facilitating deliberative dialogues can create learning spaces for considering multiple perspectives. In partnership with the Kettering Foundation, NASPA has created a series of Issue Guides for Deliberative Dialogue addressing campus inclusion and equity, including the 2021 issue guide on the “Role of Institutions in Addressing Systemic Racism on Campus.”



Creating and accessing in-person and virtual communities of support is critical when much of the work of student affairs is facing existential attack. Workplace affinity groups, NASPA Knowledge Communities, confidential colleague circles, Employee Assistance Programs, and friends can help to counter isolation and increase access to resources.