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The Summit – 2022 NASPA VPSA Summer Convening

Division/Group Events Supporting the Profession VP for Student Affairs

In July 2022, NASPA’s VPSA-exclusive summit returns to sunny San Diego for three days of learning and networking in a setting carefully designed to facilitate peer-to-peer exploration of the most pressing current and emerging challenges facing student affairs leaders and other campus executives, their institutions, and higher education more broadly. The Summit will also provide the rare opportunity for reflection and rejuvenation in a community of peers. More information about this unique executive education offering will be available soon, but, for now mark your calendars and plan to attend.

Participation in The Summit – 2022 NASPA VPSA Summer Convening is limited to the highest ranking student affairs officer at the institution.

Presented By

James E. Scott Academy


As the vice president for student affairs, every day you face complex and rapidly changing challenges that impact students, staff in your division, the institution, and sometimes society more broadly. This difficult work, while approached as an institutional leader who is part of an executive team or cabinet, can often feel isolating for the singular most senior student affairs officer on campus. The Summit – NASPA VPSA Summer Convening will provide a rare opportunity for a group of peer VPSAs to tackle as a learning community some of the seemingly intractable and enduring problems confronting student affairs and higher education as well as the emerging challenges facing today’s higher education leaders.

What to Expect

NASPA is committed to providing an opportunity for this VPSA learning community to address the most timely and relevant topics, so the final agenda will emerge with input by program registrants as The Summit approaches. We can expect that topics like student activism and campus unrest, changing student needs precipitated by demographic shifts, college access and affordability, student mental health concerns, job readiness and employability, and sexual violence on campus – to name a few – will continue to be top of mind for VPSA attendees and engaged during the program. We expect that approximately

  • One-third of our time together will involve structured, interactive sessions led by seasoned presenters on topics that are highly relevant for participants;
  • One-third will be spent in semi-structured, facilitated and collaborative engagement opportunities on topics largely suggested by participants prior to and during the program; and
  • One-third, usually over meals, will allow for unstructured interaction and the development of a reliable, go-to peer network.

The Summit conveners are committed to providing a positive learning environment that will allow, indeed require, all participants to contribute to the group’s learning and to creating an experience that results in your returning to campus better informed, better connected, and better prepared to lead change on your campus. Please join us for this very special, VPSA-exclusive program in June in San Diego, California for what promises to be an enriching learning and networking opportunity!



Invited Speakers