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Narratives and Assets: Enhancing Knowledge and Skills in Working with First-gen

Virtual Live Briefings Student Success

Students who seek mental health services on campus show improvement in personal, professional, and social functioning. While most first-generation college students (FGCS) experience increased stress, they are less likely to seek services. This live briefing will highlight current practices, needs, and recommendations for clinicians and professionals working with FGCS.

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Students who seek mental health services on campus have been found to improve personal, professional, and social functioning. However, first-generation college students (FGCS) are likely to experience greater emotional and psychological stress but are less likely to access college counseling center (CCC) services. This live briefing will highlight three themes from a qualitative study that examined the experiences of clinicians in working with FGCS. They emphasized the importance of FGCS resilience and the utilization of humility and empowerment to promote FGCS growth.

The presenter will provide insights on how to support FGCS with a multisystemic approach using the SHARE framework. Understanding the clinicians’ experiences enabled us to recognize FGCS resilience and the gaps in supportive services and CCC training. FGCS who courageously seek services with resilience and hope deserve clinicians who honor their narratives and assets and are knowledgeable in treating and supporting them.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • identify barriers FGCS experience in mental health seeking;
  • understand the experiences of mental health providers in working with FGCS; and
  • become familiar with the SHARE framework for working with FGCS and its utility for student services professionals (including clinicians).


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