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Demystifying Institutional Data to Drive First-generation Student Success

Virtual Live Briefings Student Success

Presenters from the Center for First-generation Student Success will identify key data sources and metrics that institutions should consider as they leverage data to inform decision-making and advance first-generation student success.

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In this session, presenters from the Center for First-generation Student Success will guide participants through best practices in enhancing data support to advance first-generation student success. These best practices include interrogating institutional definitions of “first-generation student;” ensuring data are collected frequently and accurately; identifying readily available institutional data sources; and analyzing national data for benchmarking and trend analysis.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • understand common definitions of “first-generation student;”
  • examine the nuances inherent in first-generation student data;
  • identify institutional data that can inform first-generation student success efforts; and
  • understand the national first-generation student success data landscape.


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