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The Professional Standards Division focuses on the promotion and advocacy of professional standards, ethics, and student affairs competencies for the Association. Composed of regional representatives and liaisons from other constituent groups, the division works with all of NASPA’s constituents and on all relevant events to ensure that NASPA’s Standards of Professional Practice, the Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners, and the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) Statement of Shared Ethical Principles are used to standardize and elevate professional development opportunities for student affairs professionals.

Welcome to the Professional Standards Division! The role of the division is to guide professional development related to the work of student affairs educators (e.g., through applications of the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competencies), and to promote standards for excellence in professional practice (e.g. the Standards for Professional PracticeNASPA's 1998 Principles of Good Practice, and the newly formed P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E.S. framework for NASPA Advisory Services). Read more in the Professional Standards Division blog below! 

Certification Preparation Advisory Task Group

Call for Volunteers

Help develop a bootcamp for the Certified Student Affairs Educator (CSAEd) certification exam!

The Certified Student Affairs Educator (CSAEd) is the core certification credential developed in 2021 and piloted this fall. NASPA is creating a bootcamp, which will launch as a preconference at the 2023 Annual Conference, and will help people prepare to take the core exam. The CSAEd designation signifies continuous learning, knowledge, and competency in eight certification domain areas.


NASPA is looking for volunteers to develop study guides for each of these eight domains. Each contributor will work with a small group on preparation materials for one domain, attend three virtual meetings between January and March, and receive a small stipend for your time and effort. If you are available to join us to present at the preconference, an additional stipend will be available.

If you are interested in helping with this important effort, please complete this brief Google Form by January 20, 2023. Please include your resume or CV and rank your interest in the eight domains. The eight domain areas include:

  1. foundations of the profession 

  2. student learning, development, and success

  3. assessment and evaluation 

  4. social justice and inclusion 

  5. leadership 

  6. talent management

  7. crisis and risk management

  8. financial and facility management


If you have questions, please contact Brooke Supple at [email protected].




Professional Standards:  ACPA / NASPA Professional Competencies

Click here for the ACPA / NASPA Professional Competencies.

Click here for the ACPA / NASPA Professional Competencies Rubrics.

Call for Resources for Professional Competency Areas

Click here for more information and to submit a resource.

Resources can be submitted at any time and are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Please note: Some of the following resources are based on the Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators established in 2010. These Competencies were reviewed and revised in 2015. Some of the submitted resources may not reflect the changes if submitted prior to change approvals. 


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The members of the Professional Standards Division:

  • Serve as experts within and for the Association on the Standards of Professional Practice and the Professional Competency Areas, researching, presenting, and/or publishing with regard to their current or potential utility
  • Consult with Association leadership, constituent groups, and members with regard to the application of the Standards of Professional Practice and the Professional Competency Areas to their work and the work of the Association
  • Participate in periodic reviews of and/or revisions to the Standards of Professional Practice and Professional Competency Areas
  • Create professional assessment and development opportunities pertaining to the Standards of Professional Practice and the Professional Competency Areas
  • Advise Association leadership, particularly the Vice President for Professional Development, with regard to the Association’s learning opportunities and related services for our members
  • Research, evaluate, and propose professional standards for the Association and the profession, based on national and global trends, needs, and member feedback
  • Serve in a liaison role with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) for routine communications and stand ready to represent NASPA, if called upon to do so, in any collaborative work with CAS



One of the best resources available to you is the wide range of professional development opportunities. This list contains both our “Hosted Events,” workshops and webinars that we plan and manage, and some “Related Events,” hosted by the NASPA Central Office or other NASPA Constituent Groups. To see a full listing of NASPA events, please see the Events page.