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Why I: Eddie Martinez

Supporting the Profession Latinx/a/o
November 28, 2018 Edward Martinez Suffolk County Community College
The NASPA Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community is showcasing the LKC leadership team and members in this series that we call, "Why I." We want to share with our Latinx/a/o community who members of the LKC leadership team are, our roles, and what inspired us to follow our career paths. Our goal is to increase the visibility of not just th eLKC, but to the leaders who make the LKC what is to us all. For questions regarding the "Why I" series, please contact the Communication Co-Chairs, Leonel Diaz ([email protected]) and Rosa Hanco ([email protected]).


Eddie Martinez, Ed.D., is the Assistant Dean of Student Services at Suffolk County Community College and currently serves at the Community College Division Liaison.  

Why did you join the LKC?

I joined the LKC as a way to support my community. I became actively involved in the LKC to advocate, advance, and applaud the good work Latinx professionals are doing in Community Colleges.

Why did you choose your higher ed career path?

There was no other option, I was bit by the student affairs bug, and have been in love with my work ever since.

Share with us a fun fact. It can be silly, funny, random, or anything you want to make it.

If I wasn't a student affairs professionals, I'd probably work with Big Cats---I just love them!!!