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Welcome Culture of Respect Collective Cohort 7

Health, Safety, and Well-being Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention, Education, and Response AVP or "Number Two" Mid-Level Senior Level
January 12, 2023 Jessica Henault NASPA

Culture of Respect is excited to announce the participants of Cohort 7 in the Culture of Respect Collective, an ambitious two-year program that brings together institutions of higher education dedicated to ending campus sexual violence and guides them through a rigorous process of self-assessment and targeted organizational change. 

Cohort 7 is comprised of six private and three public institutions across North America: 

St. Thomas Aquinas College

Lewis University

Illinois Institute of Technology

Muhlenberg College

Worcester State College

Norfolk State University

Tulane University

Indiana University- Bloomington

Southern Methodist University 

Together, these nine institutions will challenge themselves to expand on what’s currently working at their institution, navigate the complexities that come with institutional growth, and apply the ever changing promising practices that promote a system-based approach to ending campus sexual violence. 

Year One focuses on creating the foundation for success by strengthening cross-campus collaboration and critically analyzing their current sexual violence prevention, advocacy, and response practices. This includes establishing a multidisciplinary Campus Leadership Team (CLT) and administering the CORE Evaluation, a 200+ self-assessment tool that analyzes the following six areas, also known as the Six Pillars: 1) Survivor support services; 2) sexual misconduct policies and procedures; 3) multitiered education; 4) schoolwide mobilization; 5) public disclosure, and 6) ongoing self assessment. 

Using these baseline results and the Culture of Respect CORE Blueprint, Collective institutions will develop an Individualized Implementation Plan (IIP) that encompasses goals and objectives which they will launch in Year Two. Their final months in the Collective will focus on completing the endpoint CORE Evaluation to assess their overall progress within the Collective. 

A 2020 Culture of Respect report shows that institutions who adhere to the program model make significant changes in their prevention and response and better align their institutional policies and practices with federal laws and evidence-based and expert-recommended practices. More than three quarters of past participants also cited the increased collaboration between departments and colleagues promoted by the Collective significantly benefited their participation in the program. 

Throughout their two years they will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of professional development opportunities, including the 2024 NASPA Strategies Conferences, webinars focused on a myriad of topics to develop a knowledge base in sexual violence prevention and response, completing the Culture of Respect Foundations course, and the opportunity for two full-time staff members to complete NASPA’s Certified Peer Educator (CPE) Training.

Culture of Respect celebrates the institutions of Collective Cohort 7 for their commitment to furthering their efforts in sexual violence response and prevention and looks forward to our work together.