Learning and Assessment Reconsidered

Supporting the Profession Professional Standards Division
January 1, 2008

Learning Reconsidered, 2003

Learning Reconsidered argues for the integration of all higher education's resources in the education and preparation of the whole student. The publication, an effort co-sponsored by NASPA and ACPA, re-examines widely accepted ideas about conventional teaching and learning and questions whether current organizational patterns in higher education support student learning and development in today's environment. This landmark publication builds upon historical student affairs statements that focus on student affairs as a profession.

Learning Reconsidered 2, 2006

Learning Reconsidered 2 is a blueprint for action, showing student affairs professionals how to create the dialogue, tools, and materials necessary to put into practice the recommendations in Learning Reconsidered. This companion book, an effort co-sponsored by NASPA and ACPA, brings together new authors, discipline-specific examples, and models for applying the theories discussed in Learning Reconsidered. The authors challenge student affairs professionals to move beyond traditional ideas of separate learning inside and outside the classroom, focusing instead on developing the whole student.

Assessment Reconsidered, 2008

In response to continuing external demands for higher education to provide evidence of student learning, the authors of Assessment Reconsidered promote “the shared ownership of assessment planning among faculty, student affairs educators, administrators and students.” This project, undertaken by the International Center for Student Success and Institutional Accountability (ICSSIA), promotes a collaborative approach between all higher education facets to build institutional capacity for evidence-based, reflective practice focused on student success.