Looking for the NASPA Online Learning Community?

October 24, 2019

The NASPA Online Learning Community has been sunset in favor of integrating our incredible NASPA ONLINE resources with the rest of the content on NASPA.org. Anything OnDemand you may be looking for is still here, just redistributed across the site. Check our directions below to access whatever you're after. 

All NASPA ONLINE content now lives in our Resources area. If you're looking for information on a specific program, you can search by title in the main search bar above.

Access My Programs

Look below for instructions on how to access programs you've already registered for, the CPE Program, or the OLC Subscription package.

I registered for a program and now I want to log in to view it.

In addition to changing our website, we have also made some improvements to our NASPA Engagement Portal, which will allow you to get to your online programs much more easily.

The easiest way to access your programs is now to log into "My Online Programs.This link is available on every one of the NASPA Online event pages, under the section labeled "Accessing the Presentation."

Option Two: If you want to access them by logging into the main NASPA page:

  •        Click "Login" on the header above
  •        Once you are logged in, the "Login" button will become "My NASPA"
  •        Click on "My NASPA" to access the dropdown list, then select "Edit My Profile"
  •        From there, you will be able to click on "My Events" from the left-hand menu
  •        Your online events will be listed there
I'm looking for the Certified Peer Educator training.

We are also evolving this log in process. For the time being, you will be able to login to the NASPA Online Portal directly. This will bring you to your Dashboard as before, where you can access your CPE training materials, Train-the-Trainer course, and students' test scores.

If you need more assistance, please contact the CPE Administrators at cpe@naspa.org.

My institution signed up for the institutional upgrade with the OLC Subscription Package.

For now, you will be connecting directly to the NASPA Online Portal. This will bring you to your Dashboard in the NASPA Online Portal and you will be able to follow the instructions you previously received from that point.

I still can't access my programs.

If you try one of the methods above and still cannot find your material, please send an email to NASPA Online Professional Development (opd@naspa.org) and include the steps you took, and a screenshot of the page where you encountered the issue. We will respond as quickly as possible.