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Using a Multidisciplinary Framework to Understand the Benefits of a Transfer Student Mentoring Program

Knowledge Community Virtual Events

Our university’s Transfer Student Center created a peer mentoring program grounded in academic research on supporting marginalized student populations. Utilizing both psychological and sociocultural perspectives to assess program efficacy, results suggest that this holistic programming approach aimed at increasing efficacy, belonging, and service use is a valuable model in supporting transfer student success. The multidisciplinary framework and mixed method design are valuable strengths to consider when creating and assessing program efficacy.


Andrea Mora, PhD Candidate, Social Work and Developmental Psychology, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Vanessa Woods,Assistant Teaching Professor, University of California Santa Barbara

Malaphone Phommasa,Director of Academic Success Initiatives,University of California Santa Barbara

Adriana Sánchez,PhD Candidate, Counseling, Clinical & School Psychology,University of California Santa Barbara

Time: 1-2 ET

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Orientation Transition and Retention