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The Essentials of Managing E-mail Communications to Students

Virtual Live Briefings

Email consistently rises to the top as the primary means of communication between an institution and its students. This webinar will address how student affairs professionals are currently approaching mass communication to students, useful coordination strategies for sharing relevant information with students in a timely manner, and the consequences of misaligned communication efforts. The webinar will highlight findings from a recent NASPA study, shed light on how student affairs professionals develop and implement effective email communication approaches and offers information on how to get involved in the newly formed knowledge community.

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COVID-19 has caused significant, long-term disruption to higher education, and will likely have lasting impacts for the foreseeable future. When the majority campuses transitioned to online courses and support services, email became the primary way that institutions delivered essential information to students. As a result, the pandemic heightened the need for clear, direct, institution-wide processes for communicating with students. Join us for this webinar hosted by NASPA staff and the co-chairs of the newly formed Student Affairs Fundraising and Communications Knowledge Community for a discussion about effective e-mail communication with students and the results of a study published in the recently released 5 Things to Know About Managing Email Communication with Students.




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Registration Issues/Questions:  

NASPA Main Office - (202) 265-7500


Program Questions/General Information:

Jill Dunlap - (202) 719-1196