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Reimagining Holistic Support through Student Success Coaching

Knowledge Community Virtual Events Student Success Orientation, Transition and Retention

This presentation will discuss how George Mason University has implemented a coaching model for all incoming first-year students. Content will be focused on how the institution utilized assessment to inform practice by shifting coaching to meet the needs of students in a changing climate.  The presenters will outline the roadmap of the student experience, discuss the role of the coach, share the benefits and challenges of coaching, and examine the effects on overall student retention. Participants will also gain practical applications for implementing success coaching on their campuses and have the opportunity to develop open ended questions to initiate coaching conversations with students. 


Micah Hodges, Success Coach at George Mason University

Dr. Adrienne White, Director, Student Success Coaching at George Mason University 

Susan Schott, Success Coach at George Mason University

Whitney Gaston, Assistant Director at George Mason University

Time: 1:00 ET

Presented By

Orientation Transition and Retention