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Raising the Bar: A Short Course on Student Affairs Fundraising Live Briefing

Virtual Live Briefings

Higher education is in the midst of challenging times and financial uncertainty. With many departments and student affairs divisions experiencing a cutback in budgets, fundraising has become an ever-more important aspect of student affairs. Student affairs professionals of all levels must have a strong understanding of fundraising in order to build institutional partnerships that can propel their departments forward and, most importantly, build the philanthropic capacity that will impact critical co-curricular and student success needs. 

Three recognized experts in the world of student affairs fundraising: Sophie Penney, Barbara Rose, and Glenn Gittings, have come together to author the publication, Student Affairs Fundraising: Raising Funds to Raise the Bar. This publication inspired the carefully curated short course, Raising the Bar: A Short Course on Student Affairs Fundraising, which will teach student affairs professionals all the necessary elements of how to dive into the world of fundraising. The course will also weave in real-time content about the impact COVID-19 has had on student affairs fundraising. Join this free live briefing on Friday, June 26, 2020 for a high-level introduction to student affairs fundraising and a sneak peek of the short course content!


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