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Investing in Yourself: The Competencies and You! (Series)

Virtual Short Courses New Professionals and Graduate Students

A free series for graduate students and new professionals to advance in their proficiency in NASPA & ACPA's six competencies. 


Session 1- Social Justice & Inclusion (Wednesday, Jan 26, 1PM EDT) 

  1. Presenter(s)/ Panelists: Tennille Haynes, Princeton University, Assistant Dean, Office of Diversity and Inclusion,Director, Carl A. Fields Center

  2. Description/ Abstract: This presentation will be tailored to help participants articulate a foundational understanding of social justice and inclusion within the context of higher education. Subsequently, participants will be able to understand how to integrate the knowledge of social justice, inclusion, oppression, privilege, and power into one’s practice. Finally, the presentation will actively engage participants on ways to advocate for historically marginalized communities that may be affected by social justice issues such as oppression, privilege, and power that impact people based on local, national, and global interconnections.


Session 2- Student Learning & Development (Tuesday, Feb 8, 7PM EDT)

  1. Presenter(s)/ Panelists: Briettny Curtner, Utah Valley University New Professional

  2. Description/ Abstract:  Let’s move from theory to practice! SLD competencies at every level invite  Student Affairs Professionals to develop, implement, and evolve programs/services to enrich the  student experience. Participants from all functional areas can expect a review of SLD  competencies combined with lived graduate student and new professional experiences. The  presentation will include highlights of when theory influences practices in addition to when  theory requires an intersectional lens to better students’ experiences. 


Session 3- Law, Policy & Governance (Wednesday, Feb 23, 1PM EDT)

  1. Presenter(s)/ Panelists: Sabrina Sturgeon NASPA New Professional

  2. Description/ Abstract: How does a new professional get taken seriously by university leaders and executives? If there is only one seat at the table, how does one take that seat? How do you negotiate policies and budgets when resources are limited? In this session, a new professional will discuss how she tackled these issues and advocated for nearly 7,000 graduate students among presidents and CEOs at the highest level of governance at Virginia Tech.


Session 4- Leadership (Tuesday, March 8, 7PM EDT)

Session 5- Assessment, Evaluation & Research (Wednesday, March 30, 1PM EDT)

  1. Presenter(s)/ Panelists: 

    1. Jaime L. Williams, M.A.Ed. Assistant Director of Residential Life and Housing for Assessment,Virginia Commonwealth University

    2. Kellie M. Dixon, EdD, C.P.C, Director of Student Affairs Assessment and Staff Development- North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

  2. Description/ Abstract: The purpose of this session is to provide an overall introduction to assessment in student affairs for graduate students and new professionals. This session will explore the different terms and concepts most associated within assessment, evaluation, and research; identify the impact of institutional culture on the assessment process/cycle and provide opportunities to further develop assessment skills in higher education.


Session 6- Personal & Ethical Foundations (Tuesday, April 5, 7PM EDT)

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