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“I belong here.”: Disrupting Campus Culture for Contemporary Students

Knowledge Community Virtual Events

Post-secondary institutions often focus on the 18-23-year-old residential student.  While, contemporary student populations (transfer students, student parents, adult learners, commuters, etc.) are growing across the county on college campuses not everyone has a holistic understanding of their needs and how to change the culture to represent the new normal.  For us to accurately predict the learning needs of our students and future workforce, it’s important that we take all our students into account as we create successful learning environments. Who are they and what do they need and how to provide it by leveraging our institutional power in service to them? Participants will be able to utilize concepts and narratives shared to begin thinking about how to advocate for students, building their own ideas, and supporting campus partners in creating practitioner and educator-based institutional change. While this presentation will discuss specific concrete programs and initiatives, the focus will be on transforming the culture and university to better serve contemporary students. 


Emilie Dubert, Director of Contemporary Student Services at George Mason University

Shyama R. Kuver, Assistant Director, Contemporary Student Services  at George Mason University

Time: 1:00 pm ET

Presented By

Orientation Transition and Retention