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How the University of Pittsburgh is Bridging Academic and Student Affairs to Construct a More Inclusive, Personalized, and Unified Student Experience

Virtual Live Briefings Student Success Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs Student Leadership Programs Mid-Level New Professional Senior Level

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The longstanding challenge of engaging students outside the classroom has recently become even more difficult further due to the COVID-19 pandemic necessitating remote/hybrid environments. Fortunately, the University of Pittsburgh has a solution - Suitable. From the Provost’s Office, to Deans, and student affairs leaders, Pitt has been able to leverage Suitable to catalog all of their experiential learning and co-curricular activities (in-person and remote) for the first time in school history. Different units across the universities can contribute to this catalog but also create personalized development pathways for their specific student populations and strategic goals. This integrated, more personalized approach is boosting student participation, elevating outcomes, and offers students a virtual road map to the new student experience. This session includes a panel of Pitt leaders who will help tell the story of Pitt’s groundbreaking student success transformation and clue us in to their other revolutionary initiatives to come. It will also highlight core web and mobile capabilities of Suitable and culminate in a live Q&A with the presenters.
Learning Outcomes:
1. Attendees will explore experiential and co-curricular learning research and frameworks.
2. Attendees will examine real life examples of these frameworks in practice.
3. Attendees will have a better understanding of how web and mobile technology plays a critical role in the student experience.



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Increase student participation and achieve more successful outcomes on high value institutional initiatives and college-wide strategic goals.

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