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Election 2020 Fallout: Supporting Campus Communities in a Polarized Environment

Virtual Live Briefings Civic Engagement Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement AVP or "Number Two" Mid-Level New Professional Senior Level VP for Student Affairs

Join this panel of small college and university leaders to strategize how to promote constructive dialogue in polarized campus contexts following the 2020 election.

Presented By

Small Colleges and Universities Division


College leaders are facing numerous campus climate challenges. As bastions of thought, debate, community, and engagement, small colleges must prepare for the impact of another polarizing presidential election.

Voicing political opinions is an integral part of the student experience, and for many of our students, the 2020 presidential election may be the first time they will cast their ballots. Both during and after one of the most contentious and partisan elections that college students will have witnessed thus far, student affairs leaders will be called upon to engage in and model respectful actions and political discourse.

Nearly a month after the election, what is the state of our campus climates? How have our colleges addressed the election results and their impact on our students? How have election results affected students’ engagement with campus issues, college faculty, and staff? This live briefing will provide insights into how leaders at small colleges and universities have responded to the election and its aftermath in the midst of an already challenging time in higher education.



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