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Building Supports for First-generation Indigenous Students: Focus on TCU Practices

Virtual Live Briefings Student Success Indigenous Peoples Orientation, Transition and Retention

This moderated session, the first in the Power and Place Webinar Series, will provide a contemporary portrait of how tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) are building campus ecologies and initiatives to support first-generation indigenous students. Panelists will discuss how their TCUs are sustaining and achieving student success and highlighting practices and considerations that non-tribal institutions should consider in supporting their first-generation indigenous students.

Registration is free.

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Many indigenous college students are the first in their family to attend college. This webinar centers the practices of tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) in developing student success initiatives. Of critical importance in supporting first-generation students is recognizing their intersecting identities and how this influences their college experience. The unique nature of TCUs provides a strong example of the importance of linking cultural context to the development of student success initiatives. The work of practitioners at the College of the Muscogee Nation, Northwest Indian College, and Salish Kootenai College will share their stories of success and challenges to inspire campuses, regardless of institutional type, to strengthen cultural approaches to supporting first-generation indigenous student success. The Bringing Balance Back to the Higher Education Landscape: Power & Place Webinar Series and Virtual Symposium is focused on the breadth of balance provided by an indigenous worldview in providing understanding and pathways to restore, engage, and extend natural energies in building campus ecologies that support our institutional communities and practices. 

This is the first event in the the Power and Place Webinar Series, which comprises four one-hour live briefings that cover topics and explore issues important to Indigenous higher education communities. This free professional development series leads up to the 2022 NASPA Power and Place Symposium.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • acquire a better understanding of the journey first-generation Indigenous students take as they transition to a college environment;
  • gain an overview of current considerations TCU professionals balance in developing ecologies that support student success; and
  • consider the implications for designing programs that support the self-determination and autonomy of first-generation Indigenous students.