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Advocacy Avenues in a Time of Presidential Transition

Division/Group Virtual Events

In these unprecedented times political activism and awareness seem to be on the rise along with increasing ambiguity around how to effectively engage in change-making. No matter where your opinions and positions fall on any social or political spectrum, learning advocacy strategies will help you be more effective in adding your voice to our national discourse. This back-to-basics webinar was co-created with the Socioeconomic Issues in Higher Education Knowledge Community to help support members in advocating for themselves, and features a panel of experts from the fields of public policy, government relations, and student affairs to assist professionals in leveraging their roles to connect with campus government affairs teams and advocate around the issues most impacting them in the time of the presidential transition.

Join us in the week following Inauguration Day, on January 28, from 2:00-3:00pm EST, in this opportunity to collectively reinvest in elevating the voice of student affairs as a part of higher education policy priorities of the new administration. This event is FREE for all registrants. 

Presented By

Public Policy Division



Contact Information

Registration Issues/Questions:  
NASPA Main Office - (202) 265-7500
Program Questions/General Information:
Diani Ali- (202) 265-7500 ext 1241
-  dali@naspa.org


Text Captioning Support: NASPA kindly requests five business days notice for captioning requests. You can request captioning within the online registration process. If your registration is received within the five business days prior to the live event, you will be contact by NASPA staff.