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We're All on the Same Team: Athletics and Student Affairs Collaborations

Health, Safety, and Well-being Student-Athlete
David Arnold NASPA

This on-demand module was developed by the NASPA-NCAA program, 360 Proof, to bring key insights about how to collaborate with athletics on alcohol prevention. Consistent with all of the tools in 360 Proof, this webinar is being offered at no cost to NASPA members. It is offered to the Student-Athlete Knowledge Community to support the KC’s focus on alcohol and other drug prevention this year. The module provides context about student-athletes as a high risk population, and the impact of student-athlete alcohol use on academic success. It discusses why this matters, and how to promote a culture of prevention across the entire campus.  

The module highlights ways to engage coaches, student-athletes and other key personnel in athletics. It reviews the role of athletics on a campus wide prevention team, and how to involve athletics in prevention efforts, generally.  Finally, the module includes a tour of 360 Proof, a free planning platform and prevention tool offered to all NCAA Division III and NASPA Small College and University Members.

Course Length
60 minutes
Course Type
On Demand

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