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Mining First-gen Gaps

Mining First-gen Gaps: Reassessing Campus Infrastructure Amid a National Crisis

Student Success Career and Workforce Development
July 14, 2020   |  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Lisa Des Jardins Thomas Dickson Allison DuLac Jess Kerr Kiley Moody
Please Note: Time zones are in Eastern.

This session will focus on how two institutions utilized resources and infrastructure assessments, student feedback, and campus collaborations to leverage, innovate, and develop models for short and long-term student success support.

Conditions are changing rapidly; however, our mission to provide students with the tools and resources they need remains. During the webinar we will answer how to continue offering impactful student resources while upholding the office/institution's student success values in times of increased need and limited resources. Since classes have been moved online in such an expedited timeline, students are left to navigate new expectations quickly. Students need support now more than ever as they transition to online work. With an increase in need, participants will be encouraged to consider how their resources will be sustainable, leverage existing resources, and be accessible to any student regardless of situation. We will use the learning lab as a practical case study to show how to create a system that will be flexible in an ever-evolving situation and that is equitable in meeting all student needs.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in this session, attendees will be able to:

  • understand how resources were redeployed to serve students in an online environment;
  • identify practices on how to implement support services assessment on your campus; and
  • recognize that not all models will serve all students equally, and innovate, leverage and develop with core student success values in mind.
Member $59 Member; Other $159
Course Length
60 Minutes
Course Type
Live Briefing

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