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Managing Up, Down, and All Around

Supporting the Profession Professional Standards Division Mid-Level
Jen Meyers Pickard

Being a successful mid-level administrator and future senior leader requires a constant balance of supporting and advancing the agenda of your senior leaders and VPSA, while simultaneously advocating for the needs of your direct reports and divisional area. Often times these priorities are in sync, but you must also learn to manage situations when they are not. This session will provide participants with a toolkit of practical strategies to manage up, down, and all around!

Learning Outcomes

Through this session, participants will be able to:

  • develop a theoretical yet practitioner-centric understanding of the elements of leadership;
  • articulate the differences between management and leadership;
  • identify the political, structural, and interpersonal nuances of managing from the middle; and
  • utilize key strategies for managing up, down and all around.
Members: $149 Others: $220
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On Demand

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