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Global Dimensions of Student Development: Research, Theory, & Practice

International Education Graduate New Professional
June 6, 2019 David Wick

In this live briefing professor David Wick presents his current research, and that of others, on the intersections between student development theory and work with international and study abroad students. With this foundation he proposes some ways that the research results and theoretical frameworks can be used to refine practice.

Recent scholarship in the field of international education has begun to shed light on the nature of international student development and on how student development theory can help us make sense of student learning abroad. The presenter will introduce exemplars from these research initiatives as a foundation for examining how this research, and the related theories, can inform practice.

A number of recent books on working with study abroad programs and international students have included chapters on student development theory. In this session, the presenter will highlight some of these resources and provide opportunities for participants to consider how they can leverage the ideas to refine practice.

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will know and be able to:

  • explain how international experiences, such as those that international and study abroad students participate in, intersect with student development;
  • identify at least three student development theories that can help to explain or guide international education practice;
  • list at least two development theory-informed international education practices; and
  • select one practice to share with colleagues or adapt to their professional context.
Course Length
60 minutes
Course Type
On Demand

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