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Effective Staffing Practices: Cultivating Innovative Techniques and Streamlining Best Practices

Supporting the Profession AVP or "Number Two" Senior Level
Rafael Rodriguez

In most student affairs graduate programs, and the field in general, opportunities for skill development around recruitment, selection, onboarding, training, supervision, professional development, performance appraisal, and separation of professionals are limited. Effective Staffing Practices, a set of interconnected processes grounded in research, can frame experiences, satisfaction, and longevity of student affairs practitioners. This session offers approaches for leading and managing staffing practices at various levels to ensure alignment between espoused and lived values.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in this session, attendees will be able to:

  • understand the core concepts/components of Effective Staffing Practices;
  • acquire the knowledge and tools needed to critically analyze current practices being utilized by the field;
  • comprehend tools and approaches for developing sound and sustainable staffing practices; and 
  • apply tools shared and transform current practices into ones that will allow professionals the means to thrive in the field.
Members: $149 Others: $220
Course Length
60 minutes
Course Type
On Demand

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