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A collaborative approach; first-gen

A Collaborative Approach: Creating Cross-divisional Partnerships for First-gen Success

Student Success Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs Mid-Level Senior Level
V. Kaye Monk-Morgan Bobby Berry Gary Brooking LaWanda Holt-Fields

Wichita State University has a long history of serving first-generation students, but a recent uptick in the population called for a new approach to promote success. As a result of a professional development opportunity arose; a group of faculty and staff members created the First-Generation Coordinating Council (FGCC).  

The presenters, representing both faculty and staff, will discuss the background and purpose of the council, navigate the structure, council initiatives, and share successes experienced over the first year. Also, they will highlight keys to creating administrative support, securing funding, as well as aligning activities to the institution strategic plan.

Learning Outcomes

By attending this session, participants will understand how Wichita State University:

  • tied first-generation student efforts to the institution strategic plan,
  • secured funding to support council initiatives and scaled existing work, and
  • applied institutional data to justify promoting the success of first-generation students.
Members: $99 Others: $149
Course Length
60 minutes
Course Type
On Demand

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