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Online & Engaged: Innovative Student Affairs Practices for Online Learner Success (eBook)

Student Success Administrators in Graduate and Professional Student Services Adult Learners and Students with Children Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Health, Safety, and Well-being Initiatives Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services Orientation, Transition and Retention Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention, Education, and Response Student Career Development AVP or "Number Two" Faculty Graduate Mid-Level New Professional Senior Level VP for Student Affairs
March 20, 2020 Stephanie Smith Budhai and Associates

Online & Engaged shares best practices, case studies, examples, and strategies for providing authentic student development support for online learners through their college experience.

To support our community, NASPA is offering this book free electronically to NASPA members through June 30, 2020.

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Online & Engaged shares best practices, case studies, examples, and strategies for providing authentic student development support for online learners through their college experience. With chapters by student affairs and higher education professionals across a variety of functional areas, this edited collection covers a full range of concepts, student development theory, and programs and services, including: mental health and well-being, career counseling, student engagement, multicultural affairs, academic advising, new student orientation, global learning, student affairs assessment, and Title IX programming.

Research informed but practical, the book is organized in three sections. The first section focuses on preparing for the ever-changing higher education landscape and situating student affairs in the 21st century. The second section explores the paradigm shift needed to bring traditional student affairs work to the online environment. The third and final section discusses leveraging technology to advance the work of student affairs for online learners. Reflection questions are provided in each chapter to help readers think more about their current role and how they can use the information in this book to move forward in supporting online learners.

Throughout this accessible volume are tactics student affairs and higher education professionals can immediately use in their daily practice to support online learners. The authors share their own experiences and offer tips for getting started, technology and innovative tools, cutting-edge practices, websites and mobile apps to assist in delivering programs and services for online learners, as well as potential challenges that may arise with practical solutions.

Praise for Online & Engaged

“This book, rich with relevant theories, sound guidance, and vivid examples, demonstrates how student affairs can deliver much needed support and services to benefit online learners.” —THOMAS C. SEGAR, Vice President for Student Affairs, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“Online & Engaged explores the role of the student affairs professional and student affairs theory in the context of online learning. Each chapter provides insight into essential topics from Title IX to student engagement from the perspective of the virtual learning environment. A must-read for all student affairs professionals.” —SASKIA KNIGHT, Executive Vice Chancellor for Enrollment and Student Affairs, Brandman University

“This compendium is a must-read for those interested in postsecondary student success. The chapters are insightful and provide concrete proposals for developing student experiences that are more inclusive of the modern learner.” —DAVE JARRAT, Senior Vice President of Strategic Engagement and Growth, InsideTrack

“Online & Engaged hits the mark and then some. Practical, yet based on theory; targeted, yet comprehensive enough to serve as a guide for developing and improving services for online learners. This book is a must-have for all who assist this population.” —ANITA CRAWLEY, Author, Supporting Online Students: A Practical Guide to Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Services

“Online & Engaged charts new territory. The book is solidly grounded in the familiar experience and knowledge base of traditional brick-and-mortar student affairs professionals and expertly moves that lens into the online student learning ecosystem. The case studies of institutions and systems that have cut new paths are excellent. Student affairs professionals have long talked about the need to figure out how best to support students in the ever-growing delivery of online education. The future is now. There is no reason to wonder how this work is done. This book will tell you how.” —WARREN KELLEY, Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Maryland, College Park