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Executive Transitions cover

Executive Transitions in Student Affairs: A Guide to Getting Started as the Vice President

Supporting the Profession Administrators in Graduate and Professional Student Services VP for Student Affairs
August 20, 2013 Ainsley Carry

Transitions are a critical time for executives at all types of higher education institutions. Some vice presidents for student affairs sail through the transition period, while others stumble because they could not navigate the complexity of the new role. Vice presidents who appropriately match their leadership and management style to the new campus culture increase their likelihood of longevity in the position.

Executive Transitions in Student Affairs: A Guide to Getting Started as the Vice President examines the many rigors of the executive transition period and highlights what vice presidents can do to ensure a smooth transition. In this book, readers will find a diverse sampling of strategies and advice offered by vice presidents who have successfully made the transition and continue to effectively lead in their respective institutions. The contributing authors acknowledge that seamlessly transitioning into a vice presidency requires extensive preparation long before the interview and the first day on the job.

Drawing from their own experiences, the authors offer insights on areas that are particularly challenging to vice presidents navigating the transition period:

  • Taking control of your own onboarding
  • Establishing first-year priorities
  • Evolving from manager to leader
  • Identifying the appropriate leadership style for the situation
  • Assessing campus culture
  • Making the transition as an internal candidate
  • Being intentional about communication

The book also features detailed case-study scenarios based on real dilemmas faced by vice presidents for student affairs in transition. Each case is accompanied by responses from active and retired vice presidents.

allIn the transition period, new vice presidents lay the groundwork for future successes and set the stage for effective long-term leadership. Information presented in allExecutive Transitions in Student Affairs will help aspiring and new vice presidents get ready for the next step in their careers.

Hardcover | 2014 | 272 pages

ISBN 978-0-931654-87-9

An executive summary of this book is also available.

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