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Basic Counseling Skills for Higher Education Professionals: Identifying and Addressing Mental Health Concerns Cover Image

Basic Counseling Skills for Higher Education Professionals: Identifying and Addressing Mental Health Concerns

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April 1, 2023 Rebekah F. Schulze Maureen C. Kenny

When college students are in a mental health crisis, they often turn to a peer or a trusted faculty or staff member first. As the number of students struggling with mental health issues continues to rise, higher education professionals are called upon to do even more. Basic Counseling Skills for Higher Education Professionals equips college and university leaders with the basic knowledge and skills to address and respond to students with mental health concerns. The authors provide foundational information on the signs and symptoms of the most common mental health issues educators are likely to encounter in their daily work, as well as guidance on how and when to intervene. With a focus on empathy and core listening skills, this essential resource empowers professionals to make effective and positive interventions.

Paperback | 2023 | 220 pages

ISBN: 978-1-948213-38-7

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Basic Counseling Skills

Chapter 3: Setting Boundaries and Understanding Confidentiality

Chapter 4: Stages of Change and Making Referrals

Chapter 5: Self-Care

Chapter 6: Cultural and Diversity Awareness

Chapter 7: Anxiety and Stress

Chapter 8: Depression and Suicide

Chapter 9: Eating Disorders

Chapter 10: Sexual Assault and Victimization

Chapter 11: Interpersonal Violence

Chapter 12: Substance Abuse

Chapter 13: Grief and Loss

Chapter 14: Moving Forward

Appendix: Mental Health Resources

The Authors


Praise for Basic Counseling Skills for Higher Education Professionals

“With rates of mental health issues soaring on college campuses, students need to live in communities that are knowledgeable about these issues as well as skilled and supported in providing mental health support. This important and timely book by Schulze and Kenny provides the knowledge and tools for faculty and staff to enhance the safety and well-being of students on their campuses.” —Charles Morse, Dean of Student Wellness, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“A must-read for higher education professionals at all levels and functional areas. The authors offer practical approaches that will make us better practitioners and partners in our communities.” —Andrew Wilson, Associate Vice President for Student Success, Loyola University Chicago

“Basic Counseling Skills for Higher Education Professionals is a terrific resource for staff and administrators as well as faculty working with students in various settings on a college campus. Thoroughly researched, the book provides a well-constructed roadmap with numerous resources and great case studies for further learning and discussion. It could easily be utilized as a textbook for a professional development series focused both on professionals and their needs and how they can most effectively address student concerns while not being overwhelmed." —Jill Ellen Carnaghi, Former Assistant Vice President for Student Development, Saint Louis University; coeditor of Job One: Experiences of New Professionals in Student Affairs