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Winter 2020 Flash Sale

January 3, 2020

NASPA Online 2020 Flash Sale


Another year is upon us - and a new decade! Start this one off right with a great deal on one of our NASPA Online presentations. Register before January 9, 2020 at 11:59 PM ET to any of the below for $19 each!

  • #BlackMindsMatter: Addressing Black Collegiate Mental Wellness
    Presenters will discuss traditional barriers to helpseeking behaviors, while educating professionals on how to innovate existing mental wellness resources into culturally relevant practices that involve cross campus collaboration to address mental wellness.
  • Democracy Requires Information: Fostering Media Literacy for Civic Engagement in College 
    The purpose of this session is to model educational strategies to enhance students’ media literacy, so they become less susceptible to making snap judgments based on distorted information. 
  • Engaging Students in Programs and Services Through Dynamic Multimedia Marketing 
    This program will provide an overview of successful multimedia strategies used by the communications team in the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh to effectively drive students to programs and services. 
  • Food Insecurity on Campus 
    Food Insecurity is a growing trend on college campuses across the country. In a society where access to a college education makes you a "have," how do we juxtapose the fact that close to 250 colleges and universities have food banks/pantries to help support their students? We will discuss how this trend is affecting our campus communities.
  • Job Search Preparation: Resume and Cover Letters 
    This session will do a deep dive into constructing and presenting a well-developed resume and cover letter and will address common misconceptions about how and what information should be included on your resume and why a targeted cover letter is important.
  • Just Say Know: A Contemporary look at Cannabis and the College Environment 
    In this session, we will explore current dynamics related to cannabis and the college environment as laws continue to shift in the United States. 
  • Managing a Departmental Rebirth 
    Taking a new position can be a challenge for professionals at any level, and many face the question, “How do you step into a leadership role within a struggling department, change its reputation, and improve its outcomes?” The presenters will share experiences rejuvenating struggling departments and improving employee performance within public and private universities. 
  • Principles for Effectively Serving Adult Learners 
    This short course module identifies and discusses the nine principles for effectively serving the adult learner, presents examples of how they can be implemented, and describes how student affairs leaders and practitioners can help ensure that their institutions more effectively recruit, retain, and graduate adult students.
  • Wellbeing and Religious Identity: How We Are Missing a Component of the Student Experience 
    When student affairs professionals discuss wellbeing, we often consider financial wellbeing, physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing and social wellbeing. But often forgotten is the importance of spiritual wellbeing.
  • What Matters to Students? Using the Critical Incident Technique in Student Affairs Assessment 
    This briefing provides a detailed overview of the critical incident technique (CIT), highlights its benefits and limitations, and offers specific recommendations for applications of the CIT in higher education/ student affairs assessment practice.

Important notes and small text: Sale pricing available from January 7, 2020 at 12:00 AM through January 9, 2020 at 11:59 PM Eastern. Must be a NASPA member in order to qualify for special sale pricing. Not a member? Join now and get in on the discount!