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Why do you give?

Region IV-W
May 4, 2020 Jerrid Freeman Northeastern State University

For many of us NASPA is the main organization we give our time and talents. That a sense of pride and connection we feel with NASPA gives us that nudge to give back. They may even be our professional family and we want to support those that come after us like those before us supported our own growth and development. Others may give to sponsor an award winner that has made a difference in their life or to support a Knowledge Community that gave us a place of connection that we were unable to find elsewhere. We may also be driven to support research and scholarship and choose to give to those NASPA efforts as well. You may also have the honor of serving on the regional or national board and being in one of those positions comes with the responsibility to give in some fashion to the NASPA Foundation. Many do not realize that serving on boards often comes with that fiscal responsibility. While this list may not be comprehensive it does identify the many reasons someone may donate to the NASPA Foundation.  

I would ask you to also think about this question and ask what would it take for you to give if you have not. Do you need to know someone really well receiving an award? Did you just need to pay off all your debt and get paid more? Do you need to know more about what NASPA does with your money once you donate? Do you already donate more money to other worthy causes and don't have any disposable income left? I do not know your situation, but if you want to just talk about the Foundation, NASPA in general, or about how to make the most of your personal finances, please let me know. We want to answer any and all your questions and concerns about giving to the NASPA Foundation and help you navigate your personal circumstances. And just starting out with a very small amount is making a difference. I use to always think I needed to give a lot to actually matter so I rarely donated to anything. Don't let the amount you can give limit your desire to help a cause that is important to you. 
Lastly, I want to thank all those who donated this year. We met both our donor goals (amount and number who donated) and will receive a $1,000 back to NASPA IV-West to support members with financial struggles to attend a conference and for research in the region. 
Thank you again for all you do and continue to ask yourself about the reasons you do and don't give. Determine what are worthy causes and how to make the difference you desire in this world. 
Dr. Jerrid P. Freeman
NASPA IV-West Foundation Ambassador