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We have made major progress towards our regional Foundation goals, but still need your help!

Regions Region IV-W
February 13, 2020 Jerrid Freeman, Foundation Ambassadors

NASPA IV-West has 26 donors who have pledged $1,000 or over a five year period of time.  These include donors to the Emerald and Diamond Clubs, the President’s and Foundation Circle, and The Heritage Gift.  It is great to note that 11 pledges were made either during or soon after the NASPA IV-West Regional Conference in Fargo in 2019 and 4 pledges were made already in 2020.  Ambassador Mary Alice congratulates these generous donors, many of whom listened to Ambassador Jerrid and committed their pledges under his good counsel and support. 

We celebrate everyone who gives to NASPA IV-West and want you to know that you make a difference not only as a donor but as a member of NASPA IV-West who cares.  You contribute to scholarships, grants, and awards which bring meaning to NASPA

Two donors have recurring gifts each month or quarter.

58 members have put us 58% on our way to a goal of 100 donors by June 30, 2020 through.  We are 80.2% on our way to our monetary goal of $15,000! So, no matter the amount, please consider donating to the NASPA Foundation. We need you to reach our goals!

Thank you to each person who gives and thank you for encouraging your colleagues to make their mark by going online and making a donation early this year.  Should you have any questions or ideas, please contact Ambassadors Jerrid or Mary Alice.