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Watch for Coming Conversation With JCC Authors on Advocacy

January 12, 2015 Pamela C. Crosby Independent Scholar

Peter Mather associate professor and secretary of the board of trustees at Ohio University, and senior associate editor of the JCC will lead a special JCC session at the 2015 NASPA annual conference. The session "Navigating Student Activism and Advocacy with Courage" explores how student affairs administrators occupy unique and strategic positions in working with student activists who champion institutional and social change. The session features authors of JCC articles on the topics of student advocacy and activism. Presenters will provide an overview of their research and engage participants in exploring ways in which student affairs professionals can “Navigate with Courage” their important dual roles in supporting this important form of student engagement, while also maintaining their roles as institutional stewards.

As a means to prepare for—and promote—discussion, authors presenting at the session and others will participate in an online dialogue on JCC's newly  launched blog JCC Connexions, facilitated by Mather prior to the session.  Perspectives from this online discussion will be integrated in the session dialogue and presentation, and those attending the session are encouraged to join in the online discussion after the session in order to extend the conversation about student activism and advocacy.