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Voting Open: NASPA Election

Region IV-W
January 12, 2021

NASPA invites you to exercise your vote today for open volunteer leadership positions within the Association. Your voice is critical in this process and helps ensure that NASPA is a truly representative organization that meets the needs of our members.

Your ballot is customized based on your member profile, and only individuals who hold an active membership as of January 10, 2021, are eligible to vote. It will not include candidates for regions or knowledge communities of which you are not a member, nor will it include other candidates for which you are not eligible to vote, according to the NASPA Bylaws. We invite you to review all candidate information and cast your vote online when you are ready, all from our candidate information website. For ease, the two candidates running for Region IV-W Regional Director are Dr. Vincent Bowhay, Vice President for Student Affairs, Independence Community College, and Dr. Keegan Nichols, Vice President for Student Affairs, Arkansas Tech University.

Vote Now

Voting is open from January 12, 2021, through February 10, 2021, and you may cast your ballot at any time during this period. You may review the candidate information as many times as you like; you may only vote once, and you will be unable to change your vote once it is cast. Your vote cannot be transferred to another member.

The results of the elections will be announced in late February on the NASPA website. If you have questions about the election process, please contact the NASPA Office at [email protected] or 202-265-7500.