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RFP available for JWG's 2024 Special Issue

Gender and Sexuality Womxn in Student Affairs
April 29, 2022

JWG Special Issue: Request for Proposals

Special Issue Proposal Deadline: September 19, 2022

The Journal of Women and Gender in Higher Education is pleased to announce that we are currently soliciting proposals for the 2024 special issue. Volume 17 (2024), a guest-edited special issue, will be the first issue of the year.

Each special issue will include 6 scholarly articles that run approximately 25 pages in length plus an optional guest editor(s)’ introduction. As with manuscripts submitted through JWG’s regular process, all manuscripts under consideration for a special issue will go out for anonymous peer review. As is JWG’s practice through our regular submission process, we expect that the guest editor(s) will work with authors through potentially multiple rounds of developmental review.

To submit a proposal, you must address the following:

1)    Identify a theme for the special issue

  •     The theme must align with the aim and scope of the journal
  •     Justification for the relevance of the proposed theme must be included

2)    Identify one or more guest editor(s), detailing how their expertise aligns with the proposed theme of the special issue

  •     Include CVs/Resumes for the guest editor(s). The most successful applications come from those with significant experience with both publishing and reviewing in peer-reviewed outlets.

Proposals should be no more than 2-3 single-spaced pages maximum. To be considered, guest editor(s) must adhere to the following timeline:

Publish call for submissions:                   October 1, 2022

Deadline for submissions:                       January 6, 2023

Manuscripts out for peer review:             January 7, 2023 – February 20, 2023

Selection of manuscripts for issue:          February 27, 2023

Finalize all revisions of manuscripts:       August 31, 2023

To propose a special issue, submit all required materials to Co-Editors Margaret Sallee and Jeni Hart by September 19, 2022.

Please contact Margaret Sallee ([email protected]) or Jeni Hart ([email protected]) with any questions.