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Region IV-W Graduate Student Spotlight: Daniel Rivera

Professional Level
Patrick Bussiere NASPA IV-W

Daniel Rivera (he/him/his)

Hometown: San Diego, Venezuela

Graduate Institution: Arkansas Tech University

Degree Currently Obtaining: Masters in College Student Personnel

Undergraduate Institution: Arkansas Tech University

Why did you choose ATU: I chose Arkansas Tech University because I had a very unique connection with the school. I understood that to be able to make a difference, I needed to have the best education possible and the College Student Personnel program here at ATU provided me just that.

Why did you choose to go to graduate school: As an undergraduate student I was very involved in different organizations on campus, I had the incredible opportunity to have very good advisors and mentors that provided information about student affairs that allowed me to see the incredible opportunity that I had to further my education and to then, be able to help other students just like me.

What area(s) of Student Affairs interest you the most and why: I currently work with student transition, This area is one that i have always been passionate about, even as an undergrad I was an orientation leader and understood how critical the first year experience of a student is. Another area that I’m very interested in is Fraternity and Sorority Life, I believe that the growth and development that you can gain from this organizations goes beyond imaginable.

What is a memorable moment of working at your current institution: The most memorable Moment at my current institution was my first orientation as a GA, the was very nervous and anxious, but the amount of effort that I saw from my staff made all of the nerves go away. Students have a way to make all that we do in student affairs worth it.

What is the best recognition that you have received: The J. Edward Zollinger Outstanding Senior Award from Sigma Phi Epsilon. This award let me know that all the effort I put forth as an undergrad was all worth it. It also allowed me to recognize that I was ready for the next step in my life.

What advice would you give to current undergraduate students looking into graduate school: I would advise that they keep an open mind in that they look at their options in a very detailed manner. It is important to make the best decision possible for yourself, and the one that will allow you to be ready for the professional world.

What has NASPA meant to you: NASPA allows so many professional opportunities, as a former NASPA GAP, I was able to network with so many other future professionals and was able to recognize how critical the work we do is.

Social Media: Instagram - @danielrivera_94

Twitter: danrive94


If you would like to nominate someone for a Graduate Student Spotlight fill out this form here or reach out to Patrick Bussiere, Graduate Student Representative.