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Opportunity Awaits!

Region IV-W
June 24, 2020 Alyssa Wendel Dalton Brasington Lauren Wilson Carla Stein Olivia Maldonado

Undergraduate students, graduate students, and new professionals, we are extremely disappointed we will not be together in person this fall in Chicago! While we will not be together in Chicago, we do have an opportunity to engage with you throughout this upcoming fall semester. Before we plan things ourselves, we wanted to get your input first. We had fun plans for you in Chicago and we do not want to let time pass an entire year without engaging as a IV-West community.

  • Would you want to be paired with a seasoned professional to learn more about their journey into higher education, how the navigated different positions, how they selected a graduate school, etc.?
  • Would you want to participate in Mock Interviews? Will you be preparing for TPE or a new job in the next year?
  • Are you interested in round table discussions based on functional areas?

Please complete the survey here so we can provide you with engagement opportunities that YOU want! We may also have some giveaways along the way for participation!

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Your Collaboration Grant Team!


Alyssa Wendel, Membership Coordinator, awendel@ksu.edu

Dalton Brasington, Communication Coordinator, dbrasington@ou.edu

Lauren Wilson, NUFP Representative, ldwilson@ualr.edu

Carla Stein, 2020 Chicago Planning Committee Extended Sessions, carla.Stein@frontrange.edu

Olivia Maldonado, New Professionals and Graduate Students Representative, Olivia.maldonado@unco.edu