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NJAWHE 10th Anniversary

March 2, 2018

In honor of 10 years of scholarship, we wanted to offer a look back at where we’ve been and celebrate a decade of contributors and collaborators. Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

Summer 2005 – Proposal for the Journal About Women in Higher Education is approved by the NASPA Board as recommended by the Center for Women. Here is the original description of the journal:


The intended purpose of the JWHE is to explore the needs, experiences, and development of women in higher education. Accordingly, this journal is designed to provide a forum for discussion and analysis of the unique characteristics, experiences, and development of women students.  This journal will also explore institutional, administrative, and faculty issues, roles and politics as they pertain to women. It will examine curriculum, pedagogy, and chilly classroom/institutional climate issues for women. Finally, it will include gender issues, women’s issues, and topics central to women’s centers. More globally, the journal takes a multidisciplinary approach in examining the issues that face women in higher education.

Original Advisory Board Members

Anne Blackhurst

Minnesota State University

Jill Carnaghi

Washington University in St. Louis

Johnetta Cross

Brazzell University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Retired

Gail Short

Hanson American University

Jeni Hart

University of Missouri

Susan Jones

Ohio State University

Sarah Marshall

Central Michigan University

Sharon McDade

American Council on Education

Laura Perna

University of Pennsylvania

Robert Schwartz

Florida State University

Bette Simmons

County College of Morris

Kathryn Tuttle

University of Kansas

Ed Whipple

Bowling Green State University

Spring 2007 – Spring 2010 – co-editors Susan Twombly and Barbara Townsend served as the first editors of NJAWHE

Spring 2008 – First Issue of Journal About Women in Higher Education and calls for future manuscripts are released. NJAWHE publised one issue per year

Spring 2011 – Spring 2014  Marilyn Amey and Regina Garza Mitchell served as the next co-editors of NJAWHE

Spring 2014 - NJAWHE moved to publish two issues per year

Spring 2014 – Spring 2017 co-editors Amy Aldous Bergerson and Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski served as the next editor team of NJAWHE

Winter 2015 – New cover art for the journal was introduced and a new publishing partner, Taylor & Francis, begins publishing NJAWHE

Spring 2017-2020 - co-editors Amy Aldous Bergerson and Margaret Sallee are currently serving as the editor team

Spring 2017 – NJAWHE launches “Behind the Scenes” blog series on the NASPA website and the journal moved to three issues per year

Spring 2018 -  In celebration of ten years of scholarship, Taylor and Francis Publishing has offered free access to our most read articles in 2017. More information can be found here: http://explore.tandfonline.com/content/ed/uwhe-most-read-february-2018