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Help the College Diabetes Network REACH Your Students

Health, Safety, and Well-being Disability Knowledge Community Wellness and Health Promotion
January 7, 2020 Sarah Twomey The College Diabetes Network

The College Diabetes Network (CDN), in partnership with NASPA, has recently launched CDN REACH™. This initiative works directly with campus professionals to support young adults with diabetes more holistically and provide a valuable framework for addressing other chronic and invisible diseases

Living with a chronic and largely invisible illness, like type one diabetes (T1D), is mentally draining when coupled with the demands of college life. Most students with T1D must self-advocate for the accommodations they need to be safe and successful. Often these students face resistance from professors, or even campus offices, as to why their accommodations are truly needed.

CDN REACH™ will build consensus to better support student health and well-being, develop resources specifically designed for campus professionals, communicate best-practice guidelines and standard protocols, and collaborate on university-specific initiatives and programs.

This is where you as a student professional come in! By requesting CDN REACH™ materials and sharing them with your colleagues on campus, you can make sure that current and future students with T1D don’t have to face the burden of self-advocacy. 

The first CDN REACH™ resource, a Guide for Health Services, is now available for digital download or in print. You can request a copy here to send along to the Health Center at your institution. Coming later this winter, CDN will be releasing a Guide for Disability Services and a Guide for Counseling Services. If you would like to know when these will be released, sign up for our newsletter

As students start to make plans for a new semester, we encourage all campuses to download the digital version of the Guide for Health Services or request print copies. Help students start off the semester supported, safe, and sound.