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Fusion: Elevating Function and Assessment

September 10, 2021 Angela Gattoni Student Recreation Center | California State University, Northridge

What is Fusion?

Fusion is a Recreation Management Software created by InnoSoft to help improve user experiences, manage members, and streamline facility management processes. With Fusion, you have access to program registration, point of sale, memberships, facility access control, equipment rental and more, housed in one place at the touch of your fingertips. The member management software also includes an online member portal for convenient access to registration, services and programs. In addition, Fusion offers a mobile application feature called FusionGO, which allows for touchless facility access and centralizes important information.

Fusion’s Support in Serving CSUN Students.

At the Student Recreation Center (SRC) at California State University, Northridge, our mission is to provide exercise and leisure activities that promote lifelong health and wellness. Serving a campus with about 40,000 students may seem like a daunting task for any recreation center, but Fusion streamlines many operational processes to make things like facility access, equipment rental, and sales a bit easier to manage. The SRC has been using Fusion for almost 10 years since its grand opening back in January, 2012 and we recently implemented the use of the FusionGO mobile application for the re-opening of the facility in June 2021.

Fusion has helped the SRC digitalize many processes as well, such as having members sign online waiver documents, which helps increase efficiency with member registration. Our members are able to register, sign our liability waiver and guidelines, access their barcode ID to scan into the facility and much more right from their mobile device.


Another great feature that Fusion offers, is the ability to run a wide variety of reports with custom fields that generate specific data and statistics regarding your facility and members. Some of these reports include categories such as facility usage, membership totals by type, product sales, equipment rental history and a distinct number of users, just to name a few. Each report can be customized for a specific date range and the data is pulled directly from Fusion’s server. These reports have helped us to better understand some of our members’ preferences. We have used the facility access reports to determine what our hours of operation should be, just by being able to view the data on when members are actually using the facility.