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Foundation Update

Region IV-W
February 3, 2021 Jerrid Freeman Joshua Busby

NASPA IV-West needs your help.

Every year the region has a goal to raise funds for the NASPA Foundation. This year our two goals are $10,000 raised and 70 donors. We are not quite half way to our goals this year and could really use your help. Even donating $5 dollars would be a major help towards meeting our goals. Please think about the opportunity to help our region receive the financial incentives if we reach the goals...1) one goal reached gives the region $500 to help our members in need of financial support to attend a NASPA event and 2) if the second goal is reached, we receive another $500 to support a regional members research project. All those incentive dollars go back to supporting members of the region. 
Some ways to Donate are:
Anything will help us reach our goals and we appreciate anything you can do during these challenging times.
Thank you for your support!
Your Foundation Ambassadors for Region IV-West
Jerrid P. Freeman and Josh Busby