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Crowdsourcing Resources for Colleagues Who Have Been Laid Off or Furloughed Due to COVID-19

June 23, 2020

Dear Colleagues,


As quickly as possible you have worked hard to transform your campuses into spaces where students can thrive online, or expanded your online options as COVID-19 became a global pandemic. We of the Socioeconomic Issues in Higher Education Knowledge Community know that in the midst of this challenging work, some of you have been personally impacted by the loss of revenue to our campuses and subsequently budget cuts that have resulted in furloughs or layoffs. During such a difficult time we are hoping that in a small way we can support you. Thus, we have created a form that allows for crowdsourcing of resources for those experiencing financial hardship.


If you know of a resource that would support those in your state, or nation outside of the U.S., please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/4P5u8xSFVXHtTpLA8. You are also welcomed to forward this form along to others who may have something to add. The responses will be posted on the SCIHE KC NASPA page https://www.naspa.org/division/socioeconomic-and-class-issues-in-higher-education our Facebook page, and pinned to Twitter for everyone to access.


We know that it can be challenging to look up this kind of information yourself when you’re in the midst of a crisis. We also hope that those who are fortunate to not be experiencing employment difficulties to take a moment and respond so that those that are will have some of that work done for them. It is our hope we can all pitch in, and that in this small way we can rally around our community that often gives so much to our students.


With appreciation,


Shonda and Mitchell