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Contribute to Community College Success

Supporting the Profession Community Colleges Division Student Affairs Fundraising and Communications
October 23, 2019 Dr. Magdalena de la Teja

The NASPA Community Colleges Division (CCD) was approved by the NASPA Board of Directors and began its first year of operation in 2007. I was fortunate enough to be part of the Division creation and was invited to be the first chair (titled director now).

The Community Colleges Division serves as the vibrant and engaging home for community college professionals. The Division examines issues relevant to community college institutions and professionals and provides thought leadership to NASPA through advocacy for community colleges.

The Division sponsors a number of signature initiatives, including the Community Colleges Institute, Online Learning Series, and multiple drive in Symposia. Another signature initiative of the CCD is the Latinx Task Force that has as its mission to execute its plan, with an association-wide impact, to advance Latinx/a/os in the profession of student affairs who aspire to or currently work in community colleges. In addition, the Division seeks to advance the recognition of trailblazing community college professionals through two national awards, the Community Colleges Professional Award and the Community Colleges Research and Publications Award. Furthermore, during the NASPA Annual Conference, the Division encourages networking and engagement through a reception for community college professionals, a current trends and issues town hall, and several sponsored breakout sessions. reception and a panel discussion of community college issues. 

As part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of NASPA, the Community Colleges Division has recently established a NASPA Foundation Special Interest Fund. 

As a past board member of both the Division and the NASPA Foundation, I am elated to share that I have donated funds to the CCD Special Interest Fund (SIF) to support the initiatives mentioned, which will significantly contribute to the development of student affairs professionals who aspire to or currently work in community colleges. 

As members of NASPA and the Community Colleges Division, many of us mentor graduate students and new and mid-level professionals as well as new Senior Student Affairs Officers at community colleges.

We give back to maintain the resiliency of our student affairs profession

I am hopeful all of us will decide to donate to the new CCD SIF to encourage our community college student affairs professionals to become deeply engaged within NASPA. After all, more than 40% of all undergraduates in the U.S. enroll at community colleges, a majority of which are Latinx/a/o students and a sizeable percentage of other underrepresented students do so as well. I am also hopeful our 4-year colleagues who work at institutions admitting transfer students from community colleges will also consider supporting the work of the Division to increase access and engagement. 

Let’s keep NASPA vibrant and use philanthropy to ensure that in the next 100 years a significantly higher percentage of student affairs professionals working at community colleges access and benefit from NASPA opportunities. To donate today, use any of the buttons below.

To make sure your gift supports the Division, be sure to select the Community Colleges Division as your Gift Designation option.

Thanks for your support!

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