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Connect with #NASPA4W

Region IV-W
April 21, 2020 Dalton Brasington The University of Oklahoma

Connecting with NASPA IV-West on social media is the best way to “plug” into the Region and stay up to date on what’s happening! IV-West spans 10 states and 2 Canadian provinces – and that means there is a lot of space to cover. 

Luckily – the social media platforms are easy to remember – you can just follow @NASPA4W on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Plus, feel free to tag us in pictures, stories and more, just use @NASPA4W and our hashtag #NASPA4W.

In addition to the main pages, we have Facebook groups for each of the areas in our region:

Feel free to join your state to learn more about IV-West in your state and connect with other student affairs professionals! 

In addition to the state (or provinces) pages – we have a group dedicated to Jobs and Internships from around the region! We encourage you to post positions here for other IV-West friends to see and learn more about what is open around our region. 

If you ever want to be featured on our blog or social media, feel free to email me at [email protected] and we can work to highlight great work across our region!