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Call for Manuscripts: Journal of Technology & Higher Education

October 21, 2020 Liam Rice Brigham & Women's Hospital

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended all areas of higher education—campus residences vacated, classrooms digitized, and communities physically distanced. Since March 2020, we have seen institutions rush to buoy their communities through technologies: digital classrooms, virtual student organization fairs, algorithmic testing protocols. At the core of every class, every residence hall program, every athletics game, are bonds between a community of individuals committed to growth and connection; in the ideal, technology serves to protect and grow this connection; it has become increasingly apparent to educators and administrators that institutions must proactively incorporate technological concepts and practices into daily work and missions, not simply react to crises in the moment. As such, scholarship exploring the intersections of technology and higher education becomes increasingly vital for creating a research-informed foundation for digitally mediated college experiences. 

Journal of Technology & Higher Education: Emerging Practice is currently welcoming manuscript submissions for its forthcoming publication; scholarship on how technology interacts with and influences the collegiate educational experience from a wide array of disciplines is encouraged. The journal accepts a variety of formats, including empirical studies and theoretical papers, on a variety of technological topics, from social media communities to learning management systems. To read the previous issues, review submission guidelines, and submit a manuscript, visit: https://www.naspa.org/journals/technology-and-higher-education-emerging-practiceThe deadline for manuscript submission is January 10th, 2021. Questions can be emailed to the Editor at [email protected]Journal of Technology & Higher Education: Emerging Practice looks forward to growing the community’s knowledge base surrounding technology and higher education with this upcoming issue. 

Liam Rice is the Editor of Journal of Technology & Higher Education: Emerging Practice, as well as the Region I Representative for NASPA’s Technology Knowledge Community. He is currently the Assistant Director of Student Conduct at Emmanuel College (MA). His research explores social media, networked publics, and community identity development.